XRP Performance Shows Poor Grades When Compared to Top Cryptocurrency, Past 5 Years Data Says

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XRP enthusiasts recently delved into the past to analyze the performance of XRP compared to other major cryptocurrencies over the years.

Five years ago, precisely on December 1, 2018, XRP’s trading range fluctuated between $0.3625 and $0.381. During this period, it held a market cap of $14.61 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume hovering around $512 million. 

Notably, December 2018 saw XRP swinging between $0.325 and $0.5605, showcasing a moderate 86.45% increase from 2018 to 2023.”

XRP Comparison to Bitcoin, ETH & ADA

While comparing this with Bitcoin’s journey during the same period. Bitcoin was trading between $3,942.82 and $3,585.06, with a valuation of $69.9 billion and a trading volume exceeding $6 billion. 

Fast forward to today, BTC has experienced a substantial 957% gain, reaching a current price of $37,902. This starkly contrasts with XRP’s performance over the same period.

Perhaps talking about Ethereum five years ago, ETH was valued at a low of $111.74, bottoming at $102.45. Since then, it has soared by 1887.71% to its present value of $2,036. 

Similarly, Cardano (ADA) traded at a discounted $0.0328 in December 2018, witnessing a remarkable 1,053.05% increase to its current value of $0.378.

Community Belief Turmoil Over XR

Perhaps, the crypto community has had varied reactions to XRP’s performance over the past five years. Some people are starting to question if XRP is reliable. 

One person, a crypto fan with the username “@Ianbins,” made a joke about XRP’s five-year value compared to other tokens.

“Remember when they said, ‘Buy XRP, it will make you rich’? Well, here we are, and the current value isn’t that different from December 2018.”

Even Bill Morgan, a known advocate for XRP, seems to be surprised, saying, “I never realized XRP’s price performance was this poor compared to other major coins, not just Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Yet, the XRP Army, a dedicated community supporting XRP, argues that the prolonged regulatory battle has significantly impacted its performance. This legal struggle, lasting for multiple years, has hindered XRP’s ability to thrive in the market.

With the regulatory uncertainties seemingly settling down, the big question remains: How will XRP perform in the coming years? 

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