Why These 5 Small-Cap Tokens Rallied 3000% 

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RWAs are asset-backed tokens representing real-world assets on the blockchain. The underlying assets can be real estate, securities, shares, bonds, artworks, etc. DeFi converts these real-world assets into yield-bearing tokenized RWAs with multiple use cases.

While the RWA sector is still in its nascence, there are some small-cap RWAs that you must consider investing in this bull season. Let’s get counting.   

Landshare converts real-world properties and real estate into yield-bearing tokens with multiple utilities. The APYs are realistic and based on the value of underlying real estate backing the token.  

Landshare’s native token is a one-ticket entry into the world of DeFi and tokenized TradFi for capital gains, high APYs, and other passive income sources. The project has been one of Binance’s spotlight projects, with a doxxed team, strong community, and fractionalized ownership. It also sold the first-ever property on BNB. Analysts remain positive, given the imminent RWA token launch in a few weeks. 

With a $6.7 million market cap, LAND remains highly undervalued and has huge upside potential. Its technicals show strong buy signals, and it has successfully tested most indicators and moving averages.

The token has jumped 114% in the last 7 days, bringing its monthly gains to 216%.  


Defactor provides the infrastructure to tokenize real-world assets to builders and businesses while ensuring transparency, compliance, and efficiency. The platform recently tokenized bonds worth $100 million on Polygon. 

The catch: The project has yet to explore diversified use cases in RWAs. We could see only two Cohorts live on their official website. 

FACTR recently started its uptrend and has already gained over 2x its value in just a month. The token holds great upside potential, given it’s been in recovery mode for over a year. 


Credefi provides loans to MSMEs and SMEs backed by a range of real-world assets, such as real estate, future receivables, etc., tokenized over the blockchain. It has financed over 50 SMEs within the EU and provided over $3.78 million worth of liquidity. 

Credefi’s fortunes started turning in late October and has been gaining momentum. It has successfully tested 200-day EMA and SMA and looks ripe for a rally. 


Realio is a technology ecosystem focused on institutional-grade assets such as real estate and private equity. Realio recently partnered with Valentus Digital to launch a tokenized fund for low-cost Bitcoin production. The platform has joined hands with tZERO, a digital assets firm for blockchain innovation and liquidity. 

Realio registered 3.6% gains last week, bringing its monthly gains to 150.9% and 12-month gains to over 3000% The coin is still undervalued and may increase in the coming months. However, the token is showing overbought signals. 


WeCoin is a Blockchain-as-a-service platform for tokenizing and fractionalizing real estate on Web3. WECO is a BEP20 token that can buy NFT fractional properties online. 

WECO gained 12.1% on November 29, bringing its monthly gains to 271%. The token is fairly new on the RWA scene and remains undervalued. 

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RWAs Are the Next Big Opportunity Crypto Offers To Investors

Being the perfect amalgamation of the physical and the metaphysical, RWAs combine real-world and DeFi utilities to provide you with the best returns sustained over time. Low-cap gems can grant you the early mover advantage and the opportunity to earn exponential gains.  

The RWA sector is blooming and holds supreme potential. Institutional investors are already lining up to join the RWA bandwagon. Are you?

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