Vlogger Makes Pani Puri Cake, Internet Calls It, “Horrible Surprise”

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A viral video shows the making of a “pani puri cake” (Photo Credit: Instagram/ gokul_kitchen)

Many of us enjoy watching cake-making videos on social media. While some appreciate the process, others like to discover new flavours. Recently, an unusual cake-making video has taken the internet by storm. In this case, however, the food vlogger’s experiments have been mainly met with disapproval. Wondering why? It’s because she prepares a “Pani Puri Cake”. Yes, the result is as bizarre as the name suggests. The idea did not sit well with Instagram users, who have taken to the comment section to express their anger. 

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In the Instagram reel, we see the vlogger preparing different layers of this strangely savoury cake. What seems like a plain, thin sponge cake forms the base. The vlogger brushes it with the tangy and spicy pani. The circumference is lined with a ring of what looks to be cream. Next, ragda is added on top of the base. This is followed by sweet chutney, sev and crushed puris. She then places another thin layer of sponge cake on top. The previous layers are replicated before the entire cake is covered in cream. The vlogger is then seen adding sev along the sides and on top of the now-white cake. She pipes the sweet chutneys to decorate the ‘dessert’ and also places two filled puris on top. According to the caption, the vlogger made this unique cake for her husband on his birthday. The couple is seen cutting it at the end. Watch the complete reel here:

The video has received more than 400K views on Instagram so far. Very few users have found the cake interesting or appetising. The majority are opposed to the idea. Several have been left wondering why anyone would want to combine two favourite foods in this way. Read some of the reactions below:

“Please don’t use creativity in such a way, please don’t disregard cake or chaat in such a weird way.”

“Sirjee got a horrible surprise on his birthday. I hope he’s doing well…coz I went into shock just by looking at it.”

“Kyu krte hai log aise experiment?” [“Why do people undertake such experiments?”

“It’s a must-try with Fanta Maggie and Oreo Pakora.”

“Cream ke jagah hung curd bhi use kar sakte the.” [“You could have used hung curd instead of cream”.]

“Dislike…cake and Pani Puri dono kharab kiya.” [“Dislike… cake and pani puri were both ruined.”]

What did you think of this bizarre creation? Let us know in the comments below.

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