Victoria Police undermines state’s speed cameras in fight for better pay

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Victoria Police officers have taken the unusual step of warning motorists about government-owned speed cameras as part of a pay dispute.

According to the ABC, this is one of 19 industrial actions approved by the Fair Work Commission. Victoria Police officers will also stop working unpaid overtime.

Police officers were seen parking their cars by speed cameras, with flashing lights on, from 7am on Sunday, December 3.

Victoria Police has been in talks with the state government over a four per cent pay increase which “it continues to negotiate in good faith with the Police Association Victoria”, a Victoria Police spokesperson said in a statement.

The ABC reports the Fair Work Commission approved other activities including putting campaign stickers and slogans on police vehicles and helicopters, and handing out strike material to people at school crossings.

An automated voice message will also be played when people call police stations.

According to the ABC, a Police Association Victoria survey from September revealed that 20 per cent of the Victorian Police force was planning on quitting as a result of burnout among other key issues.

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