Unusual Chips Chaat Made By Indore Street Vendor. Internet Says, “High BP Chips Salad”

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Be it in movie theatres or just at home while binge-watching your favourite series, a bowl of nachos with dips or plain chips has to be most foodies’ all-time favourite snack. But have you ever given a thought to how the desi version of these snacks would turn out?  Presenting chips chaat from the heart of Indore. A video showing its making has surfaced on the internet. The clip, shared by an Instagram food page ‘oyehoyeindia’ shows a vendor using two different varieties of chips together on a plate. To enhance its flavours, the man sprinkles a variety of spices and then squeezes a lemon on top of it. After topping it with chopped coriander, he adds salt to it. He sells this unique chaat for just Rs 40.
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The video has left the internet divided. While many expressed their desire to taste this new dish, a few claimed that this new chips chaat is salty to a whole new level. One user pointed out its amusing flavour and commented, “Tangy Tangy [red heart eyes emoticon]”.

Another foodie questioned, “How was the taste?”

A comment read, “Salt on top of salted chips.”

A user claimed, “That’s salt and salt and salt and salt.”

Another user channelled his inner wit and said, “High BP chips salad garnished with coriander.”

“Bhai ne saal bhar ka sodium intake ek hi baar mein poora kar diya,” wrote a user.

But this one has to be the most hilarious comment of them all. It said:  “High blood pressure be like lo me nikla gaddi le kr.

The video has truly taken the internet by storm, as it has been viewed nearly 4 million times so far.

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