Save $25 When You Spend $250 at GameStop for Even Cheaper Consoles and More

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In the market for a gaming upgrade? GameStop is offering you the chance to save an additional $25 when you spend $250 or more and collect in-store right now. The deal means that you can pick up a new console or a ton of games and save some cash, the only catch being you have to go collect your items in person. This deal is perfect for picking up that last-minute Christmas gift (while also grabbing a few things for yourself, no doubt).

This deal applies to items that are bought at your local GameStop, but the best way to do it is to buy online and opt to collect in-store. That way, you’ll still get the discount while making sure the store has everything you want in stock before you set off. 

This deal means that you can get your hands on some of the best consoles around while saving an additional $25. That includes the popular PlayStation 5 bundle that comes with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 included, now just $475, while those who just want to get their hands on the console on its own can pay just $425 for the hardware.

Those who prefer to play their games on the go might want to look at the Nintendo Switch OLED bundle that also comes with three months of Nintendo Switch online and a code for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate included in the box. Right now, this deal means the entire bundle is available for just $325. But remember, this special offer works so long as you spend at least $250, so if you’re already set with your preferred console, you can simply stock up on games and get $25 off your order total, so long as your cart totals $250 or more.

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