Sam Altman’s Q* Project and WorldCoin: Evaluating the potential threat to humanity

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In the midst of overwhelming support for Sam Altman, discussions surrounding his projects, Q* and WorldCoin, have resurfaced, sparking concerns and controversies. Despite being hailed as a prominent figure in Artificial Intelligence (AI), questions loom over the potential risks these projects pose to humanity.

Unveiling Sam Altman’s Controversial Projects

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, is associated with two projects that have stirred controversy and raised alarms about their possible threats to humans. As AI continues to gain prominence in today’s world, Altman’s endeavours have come under scrutiny, reminiscent of dystopian scenarios portrayed in Hollywood films like ‘Terminator’ and ‘I, Robot’.

The Q* Project: Navigating the Realm of Artificial General Intelligence

The Q* Project is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) designed to solve complex mathematical problems and tackle reasoning questions akin to human capabilities. Combining Q-learning and star search, this project goes beyond merely understanding data; it applies information in a human-like manner. 

What sets Q* apart is its ability to autonomously develop ideas, making it challenging to control and predict. This AGI’s advanced logical reasoning capabilities raise concerns reminiscent of the threats depicted in Terminator movies, and Altman’s association with the project led to his temporary dismissal. Altman himself has acknowledged the potential for AI to surpass human intelligence.

The WorldCoin Project: A Crypto Solution with Biometric Risks

WorldCoin, another brainchild of Altman, is an AI-based crypto project that scans individuals’ eyes through an orb to provide a digital ID and cryptocurrency. Positioned as a remedy for online identity theft, scams, and fraud through AI, WorldCoin’s security measures have sparked legitimate concerns. In an era where distinguishing between humans and bots online is challenging, Altman proposes a unique solution — The World ID. 

By scanning individuals’ irises, a distinct biometric feature, WorldCoin aims to create a secure digital space. The process, known as Zero Knowledge Proof, ensures that the digital ID is not conventional biometric data, mitigating some security risks.

As Altman endeavours to empower AI, the implications of Q* and WorldCoin on the future of humanity remain under scrutiny. The balance between technological innovation and potential risks raises crucial questions about the ethical and societal impact of these projects.

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