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Call of Duty fans are counting down to the release of the new Urzikstan map in Warzone. Call of Duty Warzone’s Urzikstan map has a December 6 release date and a 5pm GMT UK launch time on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series |S, Xbox One and PC. A big day for Call of Duty fans, the new Warzone map goes live alongside the launch of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, as well as a huge new update containing lots of new maps, modes, weapons, rewards and gameplay features.

As for Call of Duty Warzone, the new Urzikstan map is described as a “vast and captivating landscape with a mixture of rural, industrial, and suburban zones”.

“Presented by Raven Software, the new big map features 11 major points of interest, 27 additional, large-scale points of interest, a Drivable Train, and numerous smaller areas to explore, giving you near limitless tactical potential!” Activision explains.

As you can see from the map below, areas include the Opal Palace, Hamza Bazaar, Nahr Bathhouse and the Seaport District.

In addition to the driveable train, the new map also contains Horizontal Ziplines for traversal, as well as a selection of new Perks exclusive to Warzone.

For the first 48-hours after its launch, all modes will be set on the new Urzikstan map. After the initial launch period, Activision will also add Ashika Island and Vondel to the playable maps.

To bring Warzone in line with Modern Warfare 3, Activision will also add new movement changes, including slide canceling, Tac-Stance, ADS while sliding, running while reloading and a “slight movement boost when using the Stim Tactical”.

In terms of new gameplay features, players will always have a dedicated pistol, which can be used when swimming, climbing and hanging on ledges.

That’s on top of improved water combat, manual gas masks, dedicated ammo slots, the return of the classic minimap and improved loot spreading.

Exclusive new perks include Irradiated for faster movement and less damage when in gas, as well as the Tempered perk that allows you to refill armour plates to full with two plates instead of three.

Mountaineer, meanwhile, reduces fall damage, Stalker increases strafe movement speed, while Escapist increases downed, prone, and crouch speed.

Needless to say, there’s a new Gulag for one-on-one duels, complete with the Ascender Overtime Finish where players can climb a rope to be extracted.

Full patch notes will be revealed shortly, so keep checking back for all the latest updates.

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