Masaba Gupta Spills The Beans On The “Best Dinners” For Her

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Masaba Gupta is super active on social media, and what we love most are her food-related posts. When it comes to healthy eating goals, she is the celebrity who consistently delivers. The accomplished fashion designer prioritises nutritious and fulfilling meals without going overboard on excess calories. She serves as a significant source of inspiration for health and fitness enthusiasts, and her fans eagerly anticipate her posts. Recently, we had a glimpse of Masaba’s wholesome weekday dinner, showcasing her commitment to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In her Instagram stories, she shared her dinner bowl, which consisted of stir-fried chicken, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, onions, beans, and broccoli. She wrote in the caption that “the best dinners (for me) are simple, small, protein-rich, and colourful. And cooked,” adding that she “can’t deal with raw food post-sunrise, and Ayurveda would never allow it.” Take a look:
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This has certainly motivated us to prioritise our health, and this is not the first time Masaba has inspired us to do so. Earlier, she offered a peek into her “December kitchen” on Instagram Stories, and, unsurprisingly, it’s filled with all things healthy. Her post has undeniably encouraged us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In the shared picture, we see a variety of items: water in a copper bottle, a glass of beetroot juice, and a cup of brahmi and spirulina blend that she consumes every morning for gut, hair, and skin health. There’s also a tea bag, and according to Masaba, “Cordycep tea is the holy grail of Chinese medicine.” She also added a depuffing tool that she likes to use at night. “Welcome to my December kitchen,” Masaba wrote in the caption. Read the full story here.
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The designer and actor recently marked her 35th birthday. Despite her usual balanced approach, on her birthday, she treated herself to a feast of “fries, cake, and champagne.” From the carousel of pictures she posted, a pastry and two birthday cakes stole the spotlight. One cake was generously coated in chocolate, while the other was adorned with a crown of fresh berries. An image of an empty cake box hinted that the berry-topped cake disappeared in no time. Click here for the full story.

We are excited to see more food stories from Masaba Gupta! What do you think she’ll share next?

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