IGBC seeks to play a major role in cutting down dust pollution at construction sites

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After facilitating sustainable practices in reducing environmental impacts in buildings, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is keen on promoting construction management tools and systems for the construction sector to cut down dust pollution which has become a serious issue across the country.

Referring to air pollution issues that have taken place in various parts of the country, especially in Northern India and also the West now, Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman, CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre said that the building sector would have to do some major introspection about how to manage dust that comes out of various sites – not just buildings, but also roads and the entire infrastructure sites.

“The construction sector will have to adhere to a much higher level of standard as far as dust is concerned and dust abatement through various means will have to become a Centrestage, he added.

Godrej urged the construction sector to rise up to this dust challenge as it was causing major health issues, especially in Northern belts. There have been a number of reports stating a drop in life expectancy in the Delhi region by up to 10-12 years due to air pollution. The construction sector carries a big responsibility in dust abatement.

Explaining IGBC’s role, he said though air pollution issues were handled by Pollution Control Boards, there is a need to improve the dust management practices across construction sites. “I think at some stage IGBC has to be involved in construction practices also. Currently, it doesn’t have any direct role while the body has been working with developers and construction companies,” he added.

A detailed construction management protocol will have to be brought in place and put more emphasis on the management of that to control the pollution at various sites. Industry should be self-managing this instead of leaving the job to Pollution Control Boards, he added.

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