Hyderabad Resident Finds Cockroach In Zomato-Ordered Biryani. Reddit Reacts

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A concerning issue is on the rise as more and more people report discovering insects and even animals in dishes ordered from restaurants. The unsettling experiences shared on various platforms highlight a growing issue within the food service industry. Customers, venturing beyond their comfort zones to enjoy restaurant meals, are unexpectedly encountering unwelcome surprises, such as finding cockroaches and other unexpected elements in their food. In a recent addition, a resident of Hyderabad turned to Reddit to recount a particularly unfortunate incident, where he shared images of a dead cockroach found in the biryani they had ordered online from Grand Hotel in Koti via Zomato.
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The user expressed their frustration, stating, “I ordered Fish Biryani from Grand Hotel in Koti, through Zomato, and looks like the hotel staff were kind enough to give me some extra protein in the form of a dead cockroach. Would never order from here again. 0/10 (unless you’re into eating insects).”
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Check out the post here.

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The post swiftly gained momentum, sparking responses from the public. Many encouraged the man to file a complaint, stating that a number of people eat at the establishment. “Please complain. Every day literally hundreds of people eat there. I eat there at least twice or thrice a month. This is shocking, to say the least,” one user wrote.

A user expressed concerns about the hygiene of renowned legacy restaurants in the old city of Hyderabad. They commented, “All the old city legacy restaurants of Hyderabad are hygiene nightmares. Shadab, Bahar, Paradise, Bawarchi, Meridian, etc just makes me feel disgusted. I never suggest these to any of my colleagues or friends visiting Hyderabad.”

One user jokingly inquired, “What did you do to the cockroach? It had gotten a long way from where it was born. Just want to know its fate,” to which the OP humorously responded with a Linkin Park Lyric, “It lies in the dustbin, only to be devoured by ants ‘It tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter’.”

Later, the man shared that he had received a refund from Zomato. “All I get is a refund from Zomato for now,” he wrote in a comment. 

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