Google Play Movies & TV no longer available from January 17, 2024

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In a recent update, Google has announced that it will discontinue Google Play Movies & TV on Android TV devices and the Google Play website. Despite this change, users will still be able to access their previously purchased titles, including active rentals, on various platforms such as Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (available on both Android and iOS), and YouTube.

This move follows Google’s earlier transition of Android and iOS users to the Google TV app, removal of the app from Roku and most smart TVs, and the withdrawal of the app from Android TV in October. The company clarified that the changes aim to simplify the process of purchasing new movies and accessing previously bought content.

Starting from January 17, 2024, the Shop tab will become the primary hub for watching previously purchased titles, as well as for buying and renting new movies on Android TV. Google assured users that purchased titles, including active rentals, will be conveniently accessible in the Your Library row on the Shop tab.

Similarly, the YouTube app will serve as the new platform for watching previously purchased titles, buying, and renting new movies from Google, beginning January 17. Users can access their purchased titles, including active rentals, through the YouTube app, and Google encourages checking the availability of YouTube services in respective countries.

For users accessing content via a web browser, Google emphasizes that YouTube will be the new destination for watching previously purchased titles and engaging in new movie transactions. This transition aligns with Google’s efforts to streamline its services and enhance user experience in the realm of digital entertainment.

(With input from IANS)

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