Get Cosy: Tequila Hot Chocolate Will Be Your New Winter Obsession

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Ask any chocolate lover; a mug of hot chocolate defines the ultimate comfort for them. Imagine yourself tucked inside a warm and cosy blanket, enjoying a cup of this thick and creamy delight. Sounds perfect, right? What if we say we are here to elevate this experience for you? You read that right. In this article, we will share a hot chocolate recipe with a festive twist. We add some tequila to give you a happy high. Doesn’t it make for a perfect weekend drink during the winter? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.
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What Is Tequila Hot Chocolate? How Is It Different From Regular Hot Chocolate?

Tequila hot chocolate finds its origin in Mexican cuisine, where spices play a major role in defining the foods. Keeping up with the flavors of Mexico, this beverage includes chili, cinnamon, and chopped bittersweet chocolate, along with alcohol, to make for a flavorful drink.
On the other hand, classic hot chocolate has an American origin and is usually made with a combination of cocoa powder or chopped chocolate and tastes sweeter than usual. If you love a mix of flavors as we do, then this Mexican tequila hot chocolate is a must-try.

Mexican-Style Hot Chocolate Recipe | How to Make Tequila Hot Chocolate at Home

This particular recipe has been shared by Chef Guntas Sethi on her Instagram handle. “In case you are confused about whether you want to have hot chocolate or a cocktail, here’s how you can mix both of them, and this is how people in Mexico celebrate their holiday season,” she writes.
To make this drink, you need dark chocolate, milk, cinnamon powder, chili powder, nutmeg dust, and of course, tequila. To start with, prepare hot chocolate by mixing boiled milk, chopped dark chocolate, and spices. Once everything blends well, add the tequila, give it a mix, and serve it hot with some marshmallow on the top. Already slurping?
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Watch the detailed recipe video below: 

Loved it, right? So, try the drink today and enjoy the warmth with a lovely little kick. Happy weekend, dear readers!

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