Elgato Stream Deck Deal Saves You $20 on This Essential Streaming Accessory

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Controlling things like your home and computer from a set of buttons right next to you might sound like a science-fiction future, but the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 does it. Not only that, but it does it stylishly, with 15 customizable buttons that let you control pretty much anything that can be adjusted remotely or digitally. Even better, while the Stream Deck usually goes for $150, you can get a $20 discount from Amazon and grab it for just $130.

This second-gen Elgato Stream Deck has 15 customizable LCD keys that can make streaming and editing smooth and effortless. Use them to launch apps or games, trigger sound effects or GIFs, control lights and much more. You can even assign multiple actions to a single key so you’re ready to stream at just the touch of button. The Stream Deck is designed to integrate seamlessly with Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms, and connects to your computer with a USB-C cable. It comes with a detachable stand, and the faceplate can be swapped out for a more personalized look. And if you need even more customization, you can snag the $250 Elgato Stream Deck XL, which has 32 customizable LCD keys.

Even if you’re not into streaming, there are many other uses for a Stream Deck like controlling smart home devices, quickly opening all of the apps and websites you need for work, or simply having a handy mute button for Zoom calls.  

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