Crypto Investor Eyes Next Big Opportunity (BTC, $RBLZ)

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  • Saddington bought the first Lamborghini Huracan with Bitcoin in 2017
  • While there is excitement around Bitcoin’s future, he has his eyes on Rebel Satoshi
  • Early adopters in Rebel Satoshi await a near-2x ROI after the meme coin’s presale

It’s no secret that 2017 was arguably the best cryptocurrency year for profits. Early Bitcoin (BTC) investors like Peter Saddington benefited the most, to the point of affording a Lamborghini. 

While there is excitement about Bitcoin’s future, the entrepreneur has eyed the next best crypto to buy. This is Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), a rebel-themed meme coin inspired by Bitcoin’s creator.

How Saddington Bought The World’s First Lamborghini Huracan With Bitcoin

Before discovering Bitcoin, Saddington cut his teeth as a working software engineer from 1997 to 2004. The American then ventured into entrepreneurship and training companies in Agile/Scrum methodologies.

It was only in 2011 that Saddington learned about Bitcoin, back when it was around $2.50 per BTC. While it isn’t clear how much he invested, any holding at this price would have resulted in at least a 250,000% return by October 2017. Around this time, Saddington made headlines by buying the world’s first Lamborghini Huracan using Bitcoin, spending 45 BTC (about $200,000 then).

Saddington now wears many hats: entrepreneur, trainer, author, and YouTuber. He is also still a Bitcoin maxi. There are many like him, considering the buzz around exchange-traded funds and the upcoming halving in 2024. Many forecasts expect BTC to trade in the $40,000 to $50,000 range (or greater) this year.

While still a Bitcoin HODLer, Saddington is also enticed by the next viral meme coin, Rebel Satoshi.

Almost 2x Return Expected For Rebel Satoshi After Its Fast-Moving Presale

Rebel Satoshi is a whimsical rebel-inspired meme coin with a radical movement to push for more decentralization in the modern financial system. This was the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s philosophy, which is the project’s namesake and motivation. 

Rebellion isn’t the only foundation for Rebel Satoshi. It’s a project rooted in fun through community-building interactive quests and meme culture. Furthermore, it offers an enticingly rewarding ecosystem:

  • Through staking the $RBLZ token, you can receive passive income while maintaining the blockchain security of RebelSatoshi.
  • The ‘Rebel Artefacts’ is a treasure trove of tradeable 9,999 digital assets in the form of NFTs based on these symbolic characters: Citizens, Warriors, Rebels, Monarchs, and Recusants (the rarest).

Rebel Satoshi desires to reach $100 million in market cap, putting it on the meme-based top altcoins map. Thus, early adopters can anticipate exceptional returns by investing in Rebel Satoshi during this period. The project is in a presale stage, Rebels Round 1, the second round after a fast-selling Early Bird Round.

Thus far, Rebel Satoshi has sold 28.4 million $RBLZ, about 23% of the supply allocated for the presale. With higher prices expected in the remaining rounds, now’s the best time to buy the token at its current price of $0.013. Buyers should expect a 92% gain (or nearly 2x) after the presale, as $RBLZ will be worth $0.025!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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