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A 11-year-old boy from North Yorkshire is the spitting image of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.

Tyler Stringer grew up getting comments about his uncanny resemblance to the character, and he finally recreated an iconic scene from the movie.

Tyler is now the same age as Kevin, who was played by a young Macaulay Culkin in the Christmas classic.

Emie Di Marino, 31, Tyler’s mum, told her son to pose like Kevin while they were watching the film – and they look like twins.

Tyler recreated the memorable moment where Kevin screams and puts his hands on his face.

Emie said: “When he was little he spent a lot of time in the hospital – one year the nurses commented how he looked like Kevin.

“As soon as you point it out, people say they can’t unsee it.

“As he’s grown up, I think he saw it too – he even has the same hairline!”

Emie added: “When we got the photo of him doing the same pose, we couldn’t get over how similar he looked.

“Tyler even has a similar personality to Kevin – he’s daft as a brush, but he also acts older than his years.”

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