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The 13th edition of the International Sand Art Festival, a renowned cultural event that annually takes place on the beautiful Chandrabhaga Beach, commenced in Odisha’s Puri on Friday. This festival attracts skilled sand artists from various corners of the globe who come together to showcase their talent for creating intricate and breathtaking sculptures entirely out of sand.

A picture from the 2019 edition of the International Sand Art Festival, at Chandrabhaga beach in Konark, Puri, shows a sand artist giving a finishing touch to their sculpture. (File Photo)

Each year, the festival revolves around diverse themes, ranging from cultural heritage to social issues to environmental conservation. This diversity reflects the global perspective and awareness embedded in the artistry.

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Artists utilise the golden sands of the beach as their canvas, crafting intricate designs and sculptures that often convey messages.

This festival not only attracts international sand sculptors but also celebrates the talents of local artisans. The fusion of global perspectives and local flair creates a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression.

The festival aims to promote tourism, celebrate the rich artistry of sand sculpting, and provide a platform for artists to exchange ideas and techniques.

Visitors to the festival have the opportunity to witness the evolution of these ephemeral masterpieces throughout the event.

The sculptures, despite their temporary nature, leave a lasting impression due to their intricate details and the skilled hands that brought them to life.

The International Sand Art Festival at beautiful Chandrabhaga Beach in Puri’s, Odisha, not only serves as a cultural and artistic extravaganza but also plays a role in promoting the coastal beauty of the region, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and tourists alike.

More than 100 artists, including international artists from the USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Belarus and the Czech Republic, will participate in the International Sand Art Festival in 2023.

The International Sand Art Festival was started in 2011 on the Chandrabhaga beach in Puri, Odisha. The festival is held annually from December 1-5. The 2023 festival will be the 13th edition.

The festival showcases the artists’ creative imagination. The sand art is part painting and part sculpture, with no adhesive holding the grains of sand in place.

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